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At IntrinsIQ, we see the demands and challenges faced by many small to mid-sized businesses. Too often, IT support takes a backseat to more profit-generating initiatives. What companies don’t realize until it’s too late is that failing to formulate a plan for secure, reliable technology management can result in financial disaster. Our IT services are designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate computer problems in your business while maximizing your network's speed, performance, and stability, without the expense of a full-time IT staff.

From viral attacks to hardware failures to loss of data, there are numerous threats that can wreak havoc on your business if you don’t have a sound support plan in place. Most of our clients were surprised to learn just how cost-effective a reliable IT solution can be.

We provide our customers with superior, full-service support by focusing on these core initiatives:   

Foresight: We focus on solutions for today! We evaluate your current infrastructure with an eye toward the future. Our recommendations are based on the best course of action to maximize productivity and profits in the years to come.

Flexibility: All of our solutions are highly scalable, adapt easily as the demands of your business shift and grow. No two businesses are exactly alike, and our plans provide each one with a unique, custom-tailored package.

Accessibility: If you are accustomed to IT companies who install a system and then disappear for weeks or months on end, you will find IntrinsIQ a refreshing alternative. We use a collaborative approach in our relations with clients, relying on their feedback and objectives to guide us in choosing the solution that best suits them. After your components are in place, our expert network & service engineers are always available to assist with questions, concerns, or system modifications.    

Expertise: Our technical support staff has many combined years of experience in providing reliable IT support for a variety of businesses. We invest in our staff to keep our skills sharply honed, so our recommendations always reflect proven cutting-edge technologies.

At IntrinsIQ, we guarantee all services, a pledge that’s practically unheard of in the IT industry. Contact us today to experience peace of mind through first-rate, custom-tailored support.


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